As a Licensed Life Coach Minister, it's my passion to help you discover your purpose in life. God has a plan for you. Some of us know what we want in life and go after it, others may need some help in order to gain that clarity. Jeremiah 29:11 says "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". My mission is to help you live a more abundant life, by imparting biblical principles and techniques that'll motivate you to take positive action and be accountable for your own success or failure.


This single session will help you gain some clarity for your current situation. We'll apply some biblical principles so you can have some solid decision-making skills.
Key Benefits:
Gain peace of mind

Have someone who truly listens
Have an objective ear
Help with decisions


Think BIG

As a Christian, I believe that there is a spiritual component to life and that God will help us in what we do. This coaching package is designed to help you incorporate God’s ways to obtain optimal success. We’ll go through a process to identify and achieve your biggest dream while having a sense of peace between you and God.

Key Benefits

Identify What You Really Want - Your Heart's Desires
Develop a Plan to Make Your Dreams a Reality
Gain A More Productive Belief System

Acquire a Sense of Fulfillment To Achieve Even More



Just Talk

Single Session


  • 1- 1 hour session
  • Gain a healthy perspective on your situation

Secure Payment.

think big

10 Week Program


  • 10- 1hr session
  • Identify goals & limiting beliefs
  • Establish & Implement a plan of action
  • Evaluate progress &  follow-ups

Secure Payment.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

The first step is to set up a complimentary coaching call to discuss what you want to do and see if life coaching is right for you.

Choose a Coaching Plan

Select the package that meets your needs. 

Reach Your Goals

Get started with your coaching sessions so you can finally reach your goals and achieve your dreams following God's plan.

I can quite comprehensively say this course is single reason I have the position I do now. I had hit a dead end. This course changed the way I went about writing my articles and as a result the higher ups started taking notice.

Julie Farr

New Media Writer

I was frustrated with my lack of professional progression.I seemed like no mater what I did I wasn't advancing in my skills. I thought I had hit the ceiling of my writing abilities. After taking the course the whole way I looked at writing transformed. My writing process was streamlined. But not just that, my writing actually got significantly better.

John Doe

Affiliate Press Writer

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