Expectation – a Major Step to Divine Intervention

God expects anyone who will come to Him for help to do so with expectation.

One has to be full of faith up to the level that the fellow believes that he has what he desires already. That is a secret that will always work to make divine visitation possible.


When you have expectations, it means you have a promise from someone. God has given us promises to assure us that we can come to Him to receive whatever we lack and that He will answer us. You must know how to rely on the promises of God because once God has spoken, it is done! He has the resources, and the ability to bring His promises to pass, He is not depending on any external factor which can change and make it impossible for Him to do what He wants to do.

God is not a man that should lie, nor the son of man that should repent; once He has spoken he will do it. If you have understood God this way, it will not be difficult for you to be full of expectations when you want Him to do something for you.

The case of the woman with the issue of blood came to mind here. She saw Jesus on that fateful day that she was delivered, and she wanted to meet Him and asked Him to pray for her and heal her, but she was overwhelmed by the mammoth crowd that was following Him. That alone was enough to get this woman discouraged because right there she knew she will never be able to meet with Jesus one on one.

In her mind, she summoned courage and said, I may not be able to talk with Him, but I believe that someone like Jesus carries healing virtue all over his body, whether He touches me or I touch Him, I know the result will be the same. Whether I make contact with His hands or leg I know that will be enough to bring my perfect deliverance, and so she made up her mind to go through the crowd until she can touch Jesus.

She had never seen anybody do that before, she had never heard or read about it anywhere, but she just had the conviction or the expectation that once she can touch, that will be enough to stop the 12 years flow of blood she had been suffering.

It was not an easy journey because being someone who has lost a great quantity of blood as a result of her ceaseless flow, she was very weak, moreover, the repulsive odor of her flow hung on her, making her stigmatized and unsociable, but despite all of these the woman still decided to exercise her faith.

How do you get expectations? Think of the one who had made a promise to you, the integrity of that person will determine whether he has the power to help you or not. In your own case you are not expecting things from a man but from God, the one who has never lost a battle, the one who rules in the affairs of men. The one who created all things, and He was not created, the one who can never fail.

Get yourself soaked in the word of God, and focus on those areas where people with expectations have won the day with the power of God. The case of the woman with the issue of blood had been mentioned above, others are; the Syrophoenician woman who refused to go even after Jesus told her point blank that what He had was meant for the children and not dogs, meaning that Jesus was referring to her as a dog and that she was not entitled to the blessings of God. She stood her ground, and though legally she was not supposed to get anything from Jesus, she succeeded in getting it because she had expectations, her daughter was delivered.

When the Shunammite woman lost her only son she believed she will receive him back, hence when her husband asked her about the situation she said it was well. All became well for her eventually because she had expectations. These are experiences of people in the bible whom God wants you to draw strength and faith from. When you sustain your expectation in God long enough, you will get what you desire.

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