Dwelling in Freedom in Christ

Our Freedom In Christ
Everyone who belongs to Christ has been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light, which is the kingdom of God. That is cheering news because what it means is that such people are now free from all harassment of the devil, and they can remain permanently so for the rest of their lives if only they have the knowledge of how to maintain their

The Bible says when an evil spirit is driven out of a man, he will go to dry places looking for where to make his abode, but because demons always love to stay in a host, preferably human beings, it will come back to his former house to check whether he can still make a comeback, and if he finds that the former host has not been filled with the Spirit of God, he will go and look for seven other more powerful demons to come and re-inhabit the man, making his life worse than before.

Because of the above revelation, children of God must not joke about keeping themselves in the freedom that they have obtained from Christ. The word of God tells us to stay in the liberty whereby Christ had made us free and not to entangle ourselves with the yoke of bondage anymore.

How can we stay free permanently from demonic bondage and enslavement?

Live holy: Holiness is of God, a direct opposite of what is of the devil. It is a potent weapon against the enemies because when you are living holy God is duty bound to protect and help you. Holiness will open the door to God’s unending blessings in your life. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.

Learn to praise Him: God dwells in the praise of His people. Anywhere people praise God in Spirit and in truth He will be there to register His presence, and at such times no bondage can stay. He did it for Paul and Silas who decided to praise Him in the prison. God responded to their praise by ensuring that their chains and that of their fellow prisoners were removed.

Give Him thanks always: Give thanks generously to God for those things He has done in your life. Those who know the secret of thanksgiving know that when they thank God, they are not actually doing that for what they have alone, but to pave way for more Godly interventions and provisions in the future. When you thank Him for helping you complete your education, you are opening doors for getting a good job with the certificate you have obtained.

Offer Him a committed service: The touch of God upon your life will enable you to utilize whatever gift He had given to you for His glory. You are to serve Him with this gift so that the full purpose of your life can be accomplished. Peter was a trained fisherman, but in actual fact, the gift of God in him is such that he should fish for souls for the kingdom of God.

Witness for Him: You’ve got to share your experience of salvation with people, beginning from those that you know, you have to tell them how good God had been to you, and how He saved your life. God had been using the medium of witnessing to help those that the devil had blinded to see that they too are eligible for the salvation that comes from Christ and for them to know that Christ died for them to inherit eternal salvation.

Put Him first in everything: Learn how to acknowledge God in all that you do, you will always be at a crossroad where you will need to decide whether you want to obey God or your flesh. Make up your mind that only His will you will do, and as you take the step you will see that He will help you to achieve your aim.

Abide in Him: If you stay with a great man you will share in his greatness for the period that you are with him. Abiding in God means living within the confine of His will, and doing those things that He commands, when you abide in God He too will abide with you, to start a relationship with you that will make it easy for you to fulfill your purpose on earth.

Do not wait until Satan takes away your freedom, hold your ground fast, and keep occupying for Christ till He comes.

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