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If there ever was a “secret” to consistent action, you’ll most likely find it in organizations like the military. Here’s what I mean:

When a young man joins the service, the first thing he goes through is BOOTCAMP. Bootcamp is that “test period” for new recruits to see if they have what it takes to be in the military.

One has to go through the pain, obstacles, and challenges, and if you don’t survive Bootcamp, you are kicked out of the program.

The beauty of “Bootcamp” though isn’t the hardships or trials one has to go through, but it’s the DRILL INSTRUCTOR screaming at you to do more, go faster, and be better!

Ask any veteran, and they’ll most likely tell you that they have a special place in their heart for their drill instructors, the officers who held them accountable for becoming their very best.

In other words…What you need is a Goal-Achieving Accountability Coach who’s like a Drill Sergeant. You need somebody who’ll inspire, motivate, and hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself (without the screaming in your face of course, unless you like that sort of thing LOL).

The truth is, when you’re only accountable to yourself, it is easy to delay, ignore, and procrastinate. If you’re tired of “dreaming big” but haven’t seen those dreams come into reality, or if you’re already an action taker, but you’ve let important goals slip by because you’re busy, distracted, or overwhelmed, I can help you to finally get the results you want.

Book your free call and we’ll take a look at your goals, assess what’s been holding you back, and map out a game plan to achieve your #1 goal in the next 90 days (or less). Typically a breakthrough session like this is $125, but I’m waiving the fee for anyone who applies today.

This is a NO COMMITMENT call, so what do you have to lose? Book your call today and because I hold these calls personally, there are very few spots available, so if you’re serious about being accountable, finding your calling in life, and would like the guidance of an accountability coach, use the calendar provided to apply for your session now.

If nothing works with your schedule, click here to contact me.

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