September 2018

Your Moral Compass and Marketing

What Is A Moral Compass? For starters, we can’t really talk about one’s moral compass without the discussion of business ethics. At its most basic definition, business ethics revolves around relationships. Whether you have an online business or a traditional brick-and-mortar business, the relationships you’ll have with your customers will be what matters most. These …

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Making Waves

As Christians, We’re Suppose To Make Waves Today’s blog post brought to you by Ian Coates of In the last 20 years, there has been a great shift in how the world views Christianity.  Sadly, having Christian beliefs is becoming ‘Politically Incorrect’ and will quickly cause waves if voiced. A boat at anchor doesn’t …

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Local Love

Showing Local Love I heard a story earlier on the radio today stating that the number one reason why many adults walk away from their Christian faith and claim atheism is due to the hypocritical judgment of other Christians. The thing is, everyone judges whether they’re a Christian or not. This made me reflect on …

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