December 12, 2018

Why Do Christians Struggle Financially?

Many Christians believe in their hearts, souls and spirits that God is in charge, and can easily provide for them in their time of need. And yet, many Christians throughout the world struggle with financial issues. How is this possible?

In truth, there are a number of reasons why this state of affairs can occur. One potential source of difficulty is a lack of financial understanding. For some, the basic principles of budgeting, investing, and even money in general were never learned. However, by admitting that they are lacking in this area, a Christian can easily and quickly gain the guidance that they need through prayer, studying of God’s Word and honest fellowship with other Christians.

Another potential cause of financial struggles occurs within a marriage. Often, a husband and wife will divide the financial duties between them; perhaps the husband is responsible for paying the utilities, while the wife is responsible for monthly food shopping. When a married couple acts as two separate individuals in a financial sense, this can lead to potential problems. Instead, they should act as one, as a team in all aspects of their lives, especially the financial aspect. By communicating properly, and making joint decisions concerning monetary issues, many struggles stemming from poor planning and miscommunication can be avoided.

Another common reason why many Christians struggle financially is that they have a sense of timing that is different from God’s. Many Christians want to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labors quickly, within a few days, or months, instead of being patient and waiting for fulfillment and a time of proper harvesting. Because of this impatience, many Christians chose to borrow money, and become laden with debt. While debt itself cannot always be avoided, its power over you can be lessened by simply taking the time to ask yourself: “Am I following God’s timetable? Or am I substituting my own?”

There are a number of reasons why Christians may struggle financially. Thankfully, with a better understanding of God’s plan, and what can be done, financial obstacles can become a thing of the past.


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