November 24

Vidnami (Formerly Content Samurai) Black Friday Mega Bundle Deal


Attention Internet Marketers And Business Owners! Are You Ready To Take Your Business To A Higher Level And Beyond? If Yes, Than… Take Advantage Of Our Video Services And Give Your Business A More Professional Look, Dominate Your Competitors, Increase Your Customer Base, Pull In More Sales And Skyrocket Your Profit… Now Is The Time To Start Cashing In Big By Leveraging The Power Of Professional Videos, While Your Competitors Are Still Rubbing The Sleep From Their Eyes.

And The Good Thing Is…It Is Very Simple And Easy. Create stunning videos for your business in minutes, Graphics, Voiceovers, And Provide The Video In HD Format. All You Have To Do Is Sit Down And Watch Your Business Explode With Customers And Sales.

Get The Best Price And Quality On Your Business Video Needs By Creating Your Own!

Let’s face it! A professional marketing video increases your customer base, builds more credibility, increases website conversions, gives your business a professional look and a competitive advantage enhances your marketing activities and skyrockets your sales. That’s a proven FACT.

Businesses are looking for ways to increase sales in a sluggish economy, and improve customer loyalty. Nothing helps sell a product or service more than a high-quality video.

You see, in today’s world of eCommerce… a well-produced marketing video is worth more than a hundred pages of text… Like most business owners, your main goal is to convert people to CUSTOMERS & BUYERS.

You work very hard…day in and day out, only to have your potential customers leave because you didn’t give them the right message that will push them to buy.

You fail to connect with them through their senses by the use of high-quality videos- appealing visual images and graphics, coupled with inspiring, easy-to-listen-to audio, and music backgrounds.

Wouldn’t you love to jump-start your business with the best-looking, highest-converting, and overall gorgeous corporate, promotional, marketing, or testimonial videos?

Well, I’m sure you do… And that is just what Vidnami can do for you.


To put it briefly, Vidnami is a powerful video creator that lets you create professional breathtaking videos.

WITHOUT appearing on camera… And WITHOUT any technical expertise needed!

Of course, Vidnami is not an “automated tool” and still requires a little bit of work. And by work, I mean taking an existing blog or script, do a couple of clicks, and BOOM…

Stunning videos on demand, without ANY editing experience, needed!

Why Your Business Need Quality Promotional Videos

There are numerous advantages for your business to use professional videos for its marketing. So you will need to take the plunge now or risk being left behind by your competitors.

Below are some reasons why your business need well-produced videos

Increases conversion rate, customer base, and sales: A good video attracts more customers, increases your website conversion rate, and pulls in more orders and more money for you.

Video testimonials, for example, are very effective when selling products and services on the internet. They are trusted, more reliable, generate high response rates, add substance to your internet presence, and are very affordable.

Just hearing a few positive words can be all it takes to turn a skeptical prospect into an actual sale.

Lend Legitimacy to Your Business: A professional video can help provide a customer with the impression that a business is legitimate.  It increases customers’ confidence.

Competitive Advantage: A good promotional video puts you in a position to stand out among competitors. It ensures that you – not your competitors – capture customers’ attention while you have it.

How Much Will Our 60-90 Seconds Video Service Cost You?

A good professional video could cost around $200. But don’t worry… You’re not going to pay anything near that.

So here’s the deal. For a VERY LIMITED time, all you pay to get started today is just $29! BUT, Only during the Black Friday Mega Bundle Deal. The doors shut at midnight this Friday, November 27th PST, after which you would have to pay the regular $49 a month.

So, Go and Take Advantage Of The Black Friday Mega Bundle Deal Now!


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