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Staying Focused On Your Business

There are a number of things you can do to stay focused. One thing you can do is find what works and stick to it. Here are some suggestions that will help you stay focused on your business.

As a business owner, you need to make sure you stay focused on your business or you will get off track. When you get off track you will lose site of the task at hand and you will not be headed in the right direction.

1. Set goals

After you set your goals, you need to break them down into bite sized pieces. When you know exactly you need to do to reach that goal, it will seem easier for you to reach. The goal you set for the month may seem so far off that it’s not possible to reach, but when you set weekly or daily goals, it will be much easier to move your way along to the end result.

Set business goals for the month. When you have a goal for the month you will be able to work towards accomplishing it. Set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for your business. This will help you focus on them and you will know what you need to do to get them done. This can help you grow your business in ways you never thought were possible.

2.To-do list

Once you have your goals in place, you will need to create a to-do list each day that will remind you what you need to do to reach the goals. Write down everything you need to do in a day so you don’t forget anything. Write them down as they come to you and then number them if there is a certain order they need to be done in. When you create your list right down appointments you have, calls you have or need to make, and specific tasks that need to be done.

3. Schedule your time

Following these three tips will help you stay focused when it comes to your business. It will also help you remember important things that you have to do. When you set business goals, you will be able to step out a little and grow your business or take it to the next level. The only way you will know what it will take to grow is to set goals, create a to-do list, and schedule your time so you know what you need to do to make it happen.

When you schedule your time, you won’t forget to do something you have scheduled at a specific time. This will also help you plan your day according to things you need to get done.

When you are finished creating your goals and to-do list you need to schedule your time in a calendar so you will know what you need to do and when you need to do it. If you have an appointment or call, that needs to go on your calendar. Then schedule things that are hard for you to get done. For example, schedule your social networking time if this is hard for you to get done.

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Looking For Christian Affiliate Programs?

Discover Christian Affiliate Programs With These Easy Methods

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn online in general since you do not have to do much except to share the information with others. However, you may think they’re aren’t many Christian affiliate programs that are out there that you can sign up with, yet I’m here to tell you there is. You may be surprised at what you could find.

There are a number of ways you can discover these Christian affiliate programs.

1. Clickbank

Clickbank is a website that handles countless affiliate programs. You could find all types of programs when you browse by key word or product names. When you use Christian keyword phrases you will be able to locate programs that will certainly fit your requirements. When you locate one that sounds good, take a look at the site making sure it’s exactly what you are looking for. You could also find items that are not Christian based, however the owner may be Christian and there’s nothing wrong with promoting that so long as the product is a wholesome one.

Clickbank makes it very easy for you to become an affiliate and to start promoting. All you have to do is supply the traffic to the affiliate web link they provide and Clickbank will send you checks once the payment criteria are met.

2. Commission  Junction

Commission Junction is very similar to Clickbank. You can enroll in all sorts of programs with their website. You find the programs you like through a keyword search. Some of the larger business utilize Commission Joint to manage their affiliate program so don’t be surprised if you are rerouted to the  CJ site to sign up with. Signing up with CJ is also very simple and straight forward.

3. Various other programs.

Some business offer an associate program that they handle themselves through software programs like E-Junkie or WAHMCart. The best way to find vendors who utilize this method is to simply use the search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo, just use keyword phrases that fit what you are trying to find and after that look through the homepage to see if they provide an affiliate program. You should additionally check the sites you frequently visit and see if they offer some sort of affiliate program.

Signing up with Christian affiliate programs are a terrific way to earn added money while sharing products that you feel comfy advertising and marketing. When Christian individuals are your target market, you will certainly feel much better about marketing Christian items or simply products that you believe in yourself. By using these methods, you will discover that finding these Christian Affiliate programs isn’t so elusive after all and it will definitely help you to spend less time looking and more time earning.

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Product Belief

What is Product Belief?

When it comes to an affiliate marketing and choosing a program, one of the most common mistakes a program participant makes is choosing to sell a product that they do not believe in or fully stand behind one hundred percent.

As a marketer who happens to be a Christian, this was something I personally struggled with when I first started my whole make money online venture. Although you may be making money, you may also be creating a bad name for yourself.  That is why it is important that you promote or sell products that you believe in.

beliefs and values

When it comes to promoting a product that you believe in, one of the most commonly asked questions is “how?”

The best way to promote a product that you believe in is to actually try out the product. For instance, if you are promoting an e-book, you may want to think about reading the e-book in question.  In fact, some vendors in whom products you like to promote are more than obliged to provide you with a “review copy”, especially if it’s a digital product simply by you asking.

Affiliate programs set up by retailers, like Amazon are a little bit different. Since most items sold are physical and not digital, you will most likely not be able request a review copy of the product.

In this case, you may want to test the waters by buying the product yourself. At the  very least, try placing a small order to get a first hand look at exactly how the affiliate program works for that particular retailer. This way you at least know if it’s a good retailer or not before you recommend them and their products.

Perhaps, the greatest reason why you should test out a product is because if you don’t like it, there is a good chance that your followers won’t like it either.  In a way, you can look at it as providing a service to the general public, or an insiders tip to your loyal followers.

By not agreeing to sell a poor quality product, or recommend retailers/vendors who don’t hold up their end of the deal, you will be saving other consumers, just like yourself, time, money, and even frustration. In fact, you should be proud of yourself for refusing to do business with an affiliate program who don’t live up to their promises.

As a Christian marketer, I’m very mindful that not only is my reputation on the line but also whom and what I represent as a follower of Christ. As it was mentioned above, you may be making money with an affiliate program, even if the product being sold isn’t as good as it could have been,  but you are risking your reputation in the long run.

You need to remember that people talk. If a customer was not satisfied with the product that they purchased, they will likely talk to their friends, family members, and coworkers.  They may even write negative reviews online. These negative reviews may cause other consumers to avoid purchasing the product that you are recommending, as well as your whole website in general.

The money that you can make, right away, may seem nice, at the time, but you need to remember to think long-term.  Do you know what you want to do in the future, whether it is now or in a few years?  If you are like many people, there is a good chance that you have no idea. What if you want to create your own products to sell online?

What you do online now can come back to haunt you. That is why it is important that you think about your future, in the business sense, and what it may entail.

If your dream is to one day start your own online business, you will want to refrain from bad publicity; bad publicity that may come in the form of a poorly run affiliate program that you may have recommended.

Also, testing out a product yourself isn’t your only option. You can also research a product online. Reading customer reviews, both  good and bad, may give you insight into the product you may like to sell. Better yet, it may help you decide whether or not it is a product that you want to be associated with.

Promoting affiliate products that you will believe in will not only make you feel better about yourself, but can help to increase sales too!

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Internet Home Business – Scam or an Opportunity?

Do brief researches before you actually start your web home company venture if you are preparing to start a web-based home business. This will provide you with a mutual understanding of this business domain. It will give you the chance to find out from the errors the majority of people make in online internet business.

opportunity or scam

We don’t wish to state that your enjoyment is groundless. If you are successful in your work at the home-based business, the home-based business web earnings opportunities can be very lucrative. You can work for the entire twenty-four hours if it is possible for you at the convenience of your home.

In web-based home business opportunities, you are not required to interact with your irritating superiors. Likewise, there is no dirty workplace politics. And the most crucial thing is that not just does it provide you with a healthy home based business internet earnings, you likewise take pleasure in the warmth and comfort of being with your family members.

All these are the few advantages that a web home based business chance can offer you. But simply as the stating goes that nothing is bad or completely good in this world the very same applies to the top home businesses.

It has some lucrative advantages but these home business internet earnings are not without associated mistakes. There have been so many frauds under the attire of internet home business, that many view such opportunities with suspicion.

Yes, we are here speaking about web home-based business frauds and we want to give you some tips which you should follow while you are to begin effective home businesses and earn money.

– Avoid the offers of “start work at home business” plans which provide simple cash without a basic company concept in place. These offers of web home business are honey traps to loosen your handbag strings. Believe for a while prior to you are being brought away by those ornamental words.

– It is much better not to indulge in internet house company strategies based on the infamous pyramid schemes. Please note that pyramid home company is absolutely different from the web-based house business where you get a partial commission from selling the items and another part of cash by signing up with individuals in your company.

– When you are starting your online home based business, you will encounter companies charging costs to provide information. If the online home business opportunity is legitimate, then why should one pay for it in order to feel in one’s bones the treatment?

Everything has both unfavorable and positive aspects. There are risks associated with online home business too. You have to be alert and you will find yourself far from business frauds and scams running under the clothes of web home business. Just avoid the temptation of fast and simple money. Even the most fantastic company opportunity takes time and loads of effort to accomplish the upper position in the world.

If you are planning to start internet based house business, do brief looks into before you actually begin your internet house business endeavor. If you are effective in your work at house business, the house business internet income opportunities can be really profitable. – Avoid the offers of “start work at house company” strategies which provide easy cash without a fundamental business idea in place. Please note that pyramid home company is totally different from the web-based home company where you get a partial commission from offering the items and another part of cash by signing up with individuals in your company.

You require to be alert and you will discover yourself away from company frauds and scams running under the garb of internet home company.


IM Academy


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Surf Faster On Traffic Exchanges

Surf Faster With Tab Accelerator

Did you know you can earn money and get traffic to your websites by using traffic exchanges? If you are not sure what a traffic exchange is, you can read more here. This article will focus more on how you can surf faster on traffic exchanges by using a software called the Tab Accelerator.

surf faster

Did you know you can earn money and get traffic to your websites by using traffic exchanges? If you are not sure what a traffic exchange is, you can read more here. This article will focus more on how you can surf faster on traffic exchanges by using a software called the Tab Accelerator.

There are basically two kinds of traffic exchanges, the conventional ones that provide free traffic and the others that also pay you cash for the websites you view. The easy way to earn money online and get free traffic to your website is to join traffic exchange sites that pay you money for each site you surf. These websites are known as PTC sites (Paid To Click). We will be focusing more on Manual Traffic Exchanges.

The essence of your job (and others) on these traffic exchanges consists of you viewing other people’s websites anywhere between 3-12 seconds and for it, you obtain credits which you can spend for display of your own websites when someone else visits the site. There are also banners ads and text ads on the site for everyone to click on and earn as well. So, it goes without saying that the more and faster you surf the more credits and cash you will earn and this is where Tab Accelerator can help.

Tab Accelerator Is A Powerful Traffic Exchange Software Program Designed To Increase Your Surfing Credits As Much As 200% While Staying Within The Rules Required By The Traffic Exchange Sites.

How Traffic exchanges can earn you money.

If you advertise a banner, text ad or website link on one exchange, and then someone clicks on your advertisement and takes up the offer, then you have a referral and this is where the money is really at.

This is great as you get a commission if your referral upgrades to that site, and when they earn credits by surfing you get a percentage of these to use for your ads as well. So the more referrals you get the more free credits you get, and also a residual income from their monthly membership fee. To learn more on getting referrals you can download a free report here.

In actuality, earning a residual income from traffic exchanges is not just a dream when your referrals upgrade. However, the benefit of getting a free member to sign up is also good because you can get more credits to use without surfing as much. Just remember, your focus is on getting credits in the shortest time possible so you can concentrate on your promoting your own offers and this software can help you do just that.



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Using Social Media To Find Other Christians

Social media sites are a perfect way to find other Christians.

With social media, you can find others to socialize with or you can find other like-minded people to do business with. No matter how you plan to use your new acquaintances, you can use social media sites to find them.

Social media sites like and are perfect for finding other Christians. These sites are both fun and a great way to meet others.

There are many ways to find others on Twitter. Some of these options are listed below.

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internet marketing

Don’t Make These Internet Marketing Mistakes

When it comes to internet marketing, there are a few giant internet marketing mistakes that can ruin the whole reason for your marketing online in the first place. Here are a few internet marketing mistakes you will want to avoid at all costs:

Not having a target audience. This is a major internet marketing mistake that many amateur home business owners make when trying their hand at marketing online. It is extremely important for your internet marketing campaign that you know who you are targeting.

Poor communication to your targeted audience is another major mistake. Many marketers seem to have this problem for when they first start out. Be very certain that you understand your audience and give them something through your marketing that they will be able to relate to. Internet marketing is not just about driving people to your website. Internet marketing is about connecting with others in a way that they can best understand you, your products, or services.

Internet marketing involves a whole lot of skills and not just about advertising. You may be tempted to outsource some of the work that you’re not so skilled at. For example, copywriting, SEO (search engine optimization), or running ads on certain platforms. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing these tasks, but just be aware they can get rather expensive.

internet marketing

Know where your strengths and weaknesses are so that you may do many of the tasks yourself in order to keep costs down and stay within your marketing budget. Internet marketing can be very inexpensive if you know what you are doing. The biggest challenge is knowing how and where to put your creativity to use. Be smart, you don’t always need to spend a whole lot of money in order to get results from your internet marketing efforts.

Another rookie mistake that people make in internet marketing is having their presence removed from the search engines due to illegal activities. For example, using black hat tricks to try and trick the search engines. The major search engine sites don’t like it and will penalize you for linking pages that are not allowed. Make sure your content is not breaking any search engine rules through your internet marketing. Showing up in search engines is a huge part of what internet marketing is all about, and that internet privilege must be taken seriously.

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website hosting
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Cost-Effective Web Hosting Options

A web hosting service is also known as an Internet hosting service that enables people and organizations to create their own websites and accessible through the World Wide Web using an Internet connection. It offers users the opportunity to have their own website without having to invest in the cost of operating and maintaining a server. Web hosting providers usually offer package deals for web hosting services based on the requirements of a client. In fact, there are many web hosting providers today that offer a wide range of services in different price ranges. With that being said I offer a word of caution, not all web hosting services are created equal.

Beware of Cheap Hosting That Over Promises

Not too long ago I was enticed by this Flashy Headline: 



For some inexplicable reason, I had allowed the frugal side of my brain to over-ride my sensible side. BIG MISTAKE! If something sounds too good to be true, it is! First off, your website or websites are considered investments (web properties), and in the case of hosting your websites, you really do get what you pay for, which in my case was poor hosting and service.

If you ever run across ProfitHost run the other way. Their hosting service is simply not dependable. The servers seem to be always down or simply can’t connect to the host in a timely manner. While customer service tries to be helpful, it’s really beyond their capacity to really help when the real problem is with inferior and slow servers. As a side note, this company does not offer the traditional c-Panel hosting service like BlueHost and Hostgator, which in my opinion are the industry standards.

What You Should Look For In a Good Web Hosting Service

The most basic feature of any web hosting plan is the availability of a high-speed Internet connection (ISP). This is usually provided by the Internet Service Provider or ISP. The speed of the connection depends on the bandwidth of the plan chosen and the quality of the connection. If you are looking for web hosting plans that offer unlimited bandwidth, then you should purchase the plan with unlimited bandwidth as it will give you the freedom to upload large files and website contents.

There are two different types of web hosting providers namely, managed hosts and shared hosts. A managed host is an organization that leases hardware from an Internet host provider and shares the maintenance charges among the tenants. A shared host is an individual who owns his own servers and has complete control over the servers. However, he does not have the option of choosing the hardware and the operating system as the choice is given by the Internet host provider.

Gator Website Builder

Hosting for websites

Another aspect to consider when selecting a web hosting provider is the cost. Since a lot of websites need a lot of web hosting features, it is important to ensure that the provider offers these features at competitive prices. Some of the common features available at affordable prices include email service, database server, processing tools, content management system, and PHP development. One of the major advantages of choosing dedicated servers is that they provide the highest levels of reliability and performance. They also allow every website owner to install custom software that enables him or her to maintain and modify their websites. The most popular open-source content management system is Drupal which has become very popular amongst every website owner.

In addition to a cheap and efficient web hosting provider, another option to consider is a dedicated server. When compared to self-managed servers, dedicated servers are more reliable because the entire operation is under the control of the owner. The primary advantage of a dedicated server is that it can provide increased levels of security. With this feature, any person can install any type of software that enables him or her to access his or her website from any part of the world. However, there is a downside to everything that has its pros and cons and that is the high cost involved in a dedicated server. Every website owner should be aware of this fact before he or she installs a website on a dedicated server.

The cheapest and most popular web hosting plan is undoubtedly a shared hosting plan. The shared hosting plan enables the same number of users to upload their websites onto a server. This option is ideal for small websites that do not require great amounts of resources but will also be quite slow. Although this option is quite economical, it has its downsides as well. For the reason that it limits the number of active users on a shared server, some websites will not be able to use the features of the control panel such as forums, email accounts, and shopping carts.


We use web hosting affiliate links to earn commission fees on most of the products reviewed on our pages. Every time a web user clicks on one of the affiliate links on our hosting review pages & makes a purchase, we receive a commission. I tell you about their great services/products and sales so you can save money, the company makes money through my referring and reviews, I get paid a small commission fee and we all win. I thank you and appreciate your loyalty and support of my blog by purchasing through my affiliate links.

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Speak truth

Integrity And Marketing As A Christian

I for “Integrity”, some may think that sounds kind of strange coming from one who’s a marketer. Yes, I’m a Christian marketer and it’s no secret that many people associate marketers and lawyers as liars, but I digress. No matter who you are or what your profession, integrity is definitely something we could use a whole lot more of these days. If you find that hard to believe, consider the following scenarios:

  • Ever backed back into someone’s car or witnessed someone who has but not report the incident?
  • How about watching the news about a man whose ten-year-old stepdaughter was kidnapped and murdered, claim the spotlight to fight for stricter laws on reporting missing persons, and then go to jail for possession and selling of child pornography?
  • What about fake news?
  • Couples who cheat on each other?
  • Is anyone accepting responsibility for why our country is in such turmoil?


Obviously both me and the list I could go on and on and on, but I won’t hopefully, you know what I’m talking about. Integrity is something sorely missing from the world we live in today. But you cannot use the lack of integrity in society as an excuse or reason for it to be lacking in our life.

You cannot be a Christian man, have no integrity, and having the attitude of “I-can’t-make-a-difference-so-why-bother?”

In spite of the fact that society is so severely lacking in integrity, it is something people want and admire, just not bad enough to do what it takes to ‘get some’ of their own. So don’t be afraid to be a trend-setter and spread a little integrity everywhere you go. It may be tough but there are benefits to being a man of integrity.

• It provides you with a sense of security: Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out. ~Proverbs 10:9
• Will allow you to make wise decisions with confidence: The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them. ~Proverbs 11:3
• Can cause others to respect you: Having a good conscience, so that, when you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame. ~1st Peter 3:16
• Puts you in a position to receive God’s blessings: Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight. ~Proverbs 12:22

Integrity: few have it, all need it. Do you?

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Christian Inspiration
Christian Business Tips, Inspirational

4 steps to attaining success with Christian Inspiration

Sometimes, we examined how to do things quicker and better, yet we miss the important step of what exactly motivates or inspires us. When we are influenced by the Holy Spirit, we have a wide range of capabilities with which to work. When we are empowered by Christian inspiration we “can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth us” (Phil. 4:13). The book of Job says: “But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” (Job 32:8)

One of the most essential things to remember as we explore our Christian inspiration is that when we are influenced we must use our motivation for the glory of God and to do His will. Jesus tells us: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt. 6:33) We must first seek His righteousness and His will before we will be able to use His inspiration for both His glory and our growth and benefit.

There are 4 steps to attaining success with Christian Inspiration.

1. Ask God for the inspiration that you need. “Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and ye will find; knock, and it will be opened unto you” (Matt. 7:7) God wants us to ask Him for His wisdom God and Holy Spirit, so that we may be truly inspired. James tells us: If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. (James 1:5)

2. Recognize that all we have is from God and that everything we do should be to proclaim God’s glory. God provides us His Spirit and His inspiration so that we may boldly proclaim Him to others as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Job says of God: “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding. With him is wisdom and strength, he hath counsel and understanding.” (Job 12:12-13) God holds all the wisdom in the earth and only He can freely dispense of it.

3. Christian inspiration must be practiced. So often we are given a gift and we do not use it. Just like any skill we might learn, Christian inspiration is most effectively used long-term when we practice it daily. When you are inspired or have inspired thought about something you have been struggling with, write it
down, or immediately put it into action. God will continue to bless and inspire us to be a blessing to others when we daily put into practice what God gives us.

4. Purpose in your heart to intentionally use the wisdom and the inspiration God gives you for His glory and His purpose. Once we are given wisdom and inspiration, we have a tremendous responsibility to use it prudently. Jesus Himself tells us: “But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Lk.12:48b).

Follow these 4 basic steps to get Inspired as a Christian. When you consistently apply your Christian Inspiration and spend time with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on a daily basis, you will be able to tap into a nearly limitless supply of inspiration. Don’t forget to take the time to study God’s word. Read your bible and meditate on the Word of God daily.


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Vidnami (Formerly Content Samurai) Black Friday Mega Bundle Deal

Attention Internet Marketers And Business Owners! Are You Ready To Take Your Business To A Higher Level And Beyond? If Yes, Than… Take Advantage Of Our Video Services And Give Your Business A More Professional Look, Dominate Your Competitors, Increase Your Customer Base, Pull In More Sales And Skyrocket Your Profit… Now Is The Time To Start Cashing In Big By Leveraging The Power Of Professional Videos, While Your Competitors Are Still Rubbing The Sleep From Their Eyes.

And The Good Thing Is…It Is Very Simple And Easy. Create stunning videos for your business in minutes, Graphics, Voiceovers, And Provide The Video In HD Format. All You Have To Do Is Sit Down And Watch Your Business Explode With Customers And Sales.

Get The Best Price And Quality On Your Business Video Needs By Creating Your Own!

Let’s face it! A professional marketing video increases your customer base, builds more credibility, increases website conversions, gives your business a professional look and a competitive advantage enhances your marketing activities and skyrockets your sales. That’s a proven FACT.

Businesses are looking for ways to increase sales in a sluggish economy, and improve customer loyalty. Nothing helps sell a product or service more than a high-quality video.

You see, in today’s world of eCommerce… a well-produced marketing video is worth more than a hundred pages of text… Like most business owners, your main goal is to convert people to CUSTOMERS & BUYERS.

You work very hard…day in and day out, only to have your potential customers leave because you didn’t give them the right message that will push them to buy.

You fail to connect with them through their senses by the use of high-quality videos- appealing visual images and graphics, coupled with inspiring, easy-to-listen-to audio, and music backgrounds.

Wouldn’t you love to jump-start your business with the best-looking, highest-converting, and overall gorgeous corporate, promotional, marketing, or testimonial videos?

Well, I’m sure you do… And that is just what Vidnami can do for you.


To put it briefly, Vidnami is a powerful video creator that lets you create professional breathtaking videos.

WITHOUT appearing on camera… And WITHOUT any technical expertise needed!

Of course, Vidnami is not an “automated tool” and still requires a little bit of work. And by work, I mean taking an existing blog or script, do a couple of clicks, and BOOM…

Stunning videos on demand, without ANY editing experience, needed!

Why Your Business Need Quality Promotional Videos

There are numerous advantages for your business to use professional videos for its marketing. So you will need to take the plunge now or risk being left behind by your competitors.

Below are some reasons why your business need well-produced videos

Increases conversion rate, customer base, and sales: A good video attracts more customers, increases your website conversion rate, and pulls in more orders and more money for you.

Video testimonials, for example, are very effective when selling products and services on the internet. They are trusted, more reliable, generate high response rates, add substance to your internet presence, and are very affordable.

Just hearing a few positive words can be all it takes to turn a skeptical prospect into an actual sale.

Lend Legitimacy to Your Business: A professional video can help provide a customer with the impression that a business is legitimate.  It increases customers’ confidence.

Competitive Advantage: A good promotional video puts you in a position to stand out among competitors. It ensures that you – not your competitors – capture customers’ attention while you have it.

How Much Will Our 60-90 Seconds Video Service Cost You?

A good professional video could cost around $200. But don’t worry… You’re not going to pay anything near that.

So here’s the deal. For a VERY LIMITED time, all you pay to get started today is just $29! BUT, Only during the Black Friday Mega Bundle Deal. The doors shut at midnight this Friday, November 27th PST, after which you would have to pay the regular $49 a month.

So, Go and Take Advantage Of The Black Friday Mega Bundle Deal Now!

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Gratitude During COVID and SAD

Do you find it difficult to show gratitude during COVID times? How about when you have the winter blues? Yes, there is such a thing and the scientific name is called “seasonal affective disorder”. For those who suffer from SAD, it would seem like as soon as late autumn comes around and the days begin to get drastically colder and darker, depression begins to set in as the long winter drags by.

It can be quite challenging to put on a smile or show gratitude when we don’t have God in your life. Gratitude and joy are definitely gifts from God that we should never take for granted, especially when going through trying times.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” – James 1: 17, NIV

When Everything Changes…

Sharon has been going through a season of change in her life. There have been positive changes like the start of her online business and the news that she’s pregnant after years of infertility. Now, she and her husband are in the middle of buying their first home.

But along with these changes, there have been some losses, too. Her mother passed away after a lengthy battle with an illness and her best friend moved to another country.

With so much changing, Sharon has found comfort in focusing on the things that haven’t changed. Her husband’s encouragement and support have been steadfast. Her friend’s continued text messages and notes make her feel loved.

But more than that, she’s thankful for the fact that God’s unchanging character. She often finds herself saying, “When everything changes, God doesn’t.” Those five words give her the courage and the confidence to embrace this season of change.

Maybe you can relate to Sharon. You’re going through your own changes in life and you may sometimes feel overwhelmed or even abandoned. In those moments, look to God’s unchanging nature to find comfort and support.

God, thank You for being faithful and constant. Remind me when a season of change comes that I can look to You for support and guidance. Please be with me, Father, and reassure my heart. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!

Free Report – Click The Image To Download

Defeat Depression
Right Click and Save-As To Download


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How to Use a Motivational Video To Get People Going

If you want a little inspiration to get your feet moving in the right direction, sometimes all it takes is a motivational video. Something to lift you out of your funk and get you back to the real world again. If you need to create motivational videos for your business or if you just think it’s fun to watch some good examples, then this article is for you. How motivational videos really work.

motivational video

You can start with a motivational quote that you think will inspire someone, like “never give up!” or “give up today!” This could also be a motivational poem or even an affirmation. The key here is that you are creating a video that gives the person watching a sense of hope or encouragement by saying something like, “This is going to get better,” “I have more in me than I thought I did,” or “I can do this.”

When you are doing this, it’s important that the video also includes music. The music should keep the viewer’s spirits up while they are watching the video and it should also help to remind the person watching of what they’re doing at the time of the video. For example, if you’re giving someone a motivational speech, then the music would be an effective way to help keep their spirits high throughout the presentation.

When making your motivational quotes or videos, make sure that they make a statement that is clear, without a lot of fluff or unnecessary words. You do not want the viewer to get distracted because they’re getting so caught up in what they are seeing that they end up losing sight of what the video was trying to say in the first place. Remember, a video cannot make you feel better or convince you that something is right, but it can be a useful tool to help you.

If you are trying to make a video yourself, make sure to find someone else who is skilled at creating these videos. Finding someone who is experienced is the first thing to do if you want to succeed. The reason for this is that a good video will be more likely to catch the attention of the viewer if it has been done by someone who knows how to properly place it. and then to use it well.

Great motivational quotes or videos can make a huge difference in someone’s day. They can bring on a great sense of hope that things are going to get better and that there is a reason to keep going when things look like they’re not going to get any better. If you know how to do it right, you can easily get people to feel that way by using a motivational video.

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Christian Business Tips

Christian Entrepreneurs – Learning to Become the Best

In the business world, many Christians are finding new ways to bring God’s love and mercy into their lives and work for Christian entrepreneurs. This is a growing trend in the church and on the Internet. This growth of Christianity is not being achieved by Christianity alone, but it is also an outcome of more Christians becoming interested in the Christian entrepreneurship industry.

Christian entrepreneurs

For Christians, the Bible says, “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who have been called according to his purpose.” Christians need to become the best that they can be in the business world. There are many Christian entrepreneurs who are using the Bible as a guide to help them develop their businesses and make it profitable. By looking at the word of God, we can use it to bring us into a state of being that will help us be successful in our businesses.

Christians have many opportunities that lie in their businesses. The Bible teaches that the God of Israel built the first houses in the earth and that he also has His promises to Israel. So, when we see those promises, we can look at them as an opportunity and take advantage of that.

The Christian entrepreneur also has to use their mind to create things that are pleasing to the Lord. The Holy Spirit is leading the Christian to do what is right. He wants us to prosper in the way that He wants us to flourish. By making sure that we are doing the right thing, we will find that the Lord will give us more blessings from the success that we have in our businesses.

It is very important for Christian to always be focused on the Lord and how He wants them to prosper in their business. Christian entrepreneurs also need to know that God can be found through their studies and research. God can be found in the Word of God. The Bible says, “God is spirit, and His wisdom is knowledge.”

When you understand that you can find God through studying, you can use that information to get to know God better and find ways to bring more people to Him. When you find God, you will be able to teach the Word of God to others. and share the Word of God. This is the best way to increase God’s Kingdom in the world.

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Jesus Mailer and Word Of Mouth Marketing

Having a positive and winning mindset is half the battle. It’s absolutely necessary for any business, but especially true when you have a “Christian” business.
So, it’s been exactly 2 weeks since I launched Jesusmailer. Another week of commissions was paid out with the exceptions of a few who have not put in a support ticket with their preferred method of payment. Unfortunately, PayPal is not an option. I’ve posted a video inside the member’s area of Jesusmailer in regard to this under the Start Here tab.
While the membership site is steadily growing (we have about 150 active members), I personally think it can grow a lot faster if there weren’t so much controversy and opposition surrounding such a taboo subject/business theme. Regardless of Jesus’ challenges, His ministry is still growing (to this very day and beyond) simply through Word of Mouth marketing. I have the same aspirations for Jesus Mailer.
Jesus was Rebel (and so am I)
I think it’s safe to say that Jesus was a rebel. He was bucking the system, turning over tables, and saying all sorts of subversive things in the days when he was walking the earth.
Jesus Mailer is not your typical conventional business, not by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a marketer and Jesusmailer is my platform. I’m not selling religion, false hopes, or dreams. What I’m actually selling is advertising. Although at first glance, that’s what it may seem like (me selling you on a dream).
Unfortunately, marketers are jaded because that’s what we’ve all been taught to do in our business and marketing, to sell the dream! Getting the sale is the end result for most marketers. While there’s some truth to that, it’s most certainly not the end of the relationship. Here’s a great side story: What does the Bible Say about Salesmanship?
So, why have an advertising platform with a Christian theme when most marketers are considered the slime of the earth? Does this
mean that am simply using Christianity to promote my commerce? Not by a long shot! Consider the following bible verse Mark 2:17: Only
the sick need a physician –
“On hearing this, Jesus said to them, It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have
not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
The main difference between Jesusmailer and other viral mailers out there is the theme. The theme offers members an opportunity to share their faith in a Living God while giving them a place to advertise. You see, money is a tool. Making money is a necessity while we’re here on earth. Money can be used for both good or bad. While I can’t take money with me to heaven, what I can take with me is people and that is exactly what God had placed in my heart when I decided to create Jesusmailer. It’s my way of sharing Jesus to marketers in a way they can relate to. Did you know Jesus Christ is a marketing genius?
The Good and The Bad of being a Kingdom Entrepreneur
There’s no doubt in my mind that people have used religion or their faith for self-gain. It’s no different from those who use politics to further their own agenda. However, Christians are now considered verboten. Show any evidence of believing in a biblical God and biblical morality and you will get flak about it if not boycotted, banned or worst case scenario be shut down. Our supposed “intolerance” is somehow not be tolerated by others any longer.
So, how should I as a Christian respond to such hostility? Tackle it with gratitude, of course! Yes, there will be opposition. If the world opposed Jesus Christ, should we expect anything less as His followers? The answer is no. In fact, the Bible warns us of this very thing. When it comes to handling difficult tasks in our business, how do we show up? Are we complaining and being negative before we even start? Or are we excited to meet this new challenge and thankful for the business God has given us? I for one, am very thankful for
In Colossians 3:23, Paul instructed Christians on how to approach their work. He said: “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Are you showing up in your business with a negative attitude or a heart filled with gratitude? I love to know your comments.
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God, Success, Prayer and Relationship

Did you know our God is a God of success? Yes! We’re created to be a success. Success is rooted in our relationship with God, not in our abilities. When we rely on our abilities alone we tend to puff ourselves up. When this happens, we are often separated from a deeper relationship with God and success can be fleeting if not short-lived.

Oftentimes God will allow you to fail in order for you to succeed. Each of us must first experience our own death and resurrection from our old nature. This is so we can learn Who’s the true source of our success.

“If you fully obey the LORD your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations on earth” (Deut 28:1-2).

True story…

God always has a way of humbling us. I don’t know if you recall, but a few months back I had made a poor business decision. Long story short, I got scammed out of some money. The person I had hired to help me with bringing to life never delivered what was promised.

Perhaps someone else would’ve gotten discouraged and just chuck the idea out the door after that kind of setback. For some reason or another, I still had it in my heart and wanted to see the project through. So, I prayed even harder about it.

Prayer changes things. Do you sometimes struggle with prayer?

The thing is, prayer feels awkward for many people. This is usually the case when we don’t have a close relationship with God. For many, God is a stranger. You’ve heard about Him. You’ve accepted Jesus but you haven’t truly developed a relationship with Him yet.

How do I know this? It’s because I’ve been there. You want to develop a relationship with God, but just struggle with the aspect of prayer. It might be helpful to think of your early prayers as a sort of “blind date”. Naturally, you’re going to feel awkward—you don’t know God yet. Not deeply and personally at first anyways.

However, if you take the time to push through the initial awkwardness and continue meeting for regular “dates” (e.g. prayer time) then you’ll develop a relationship. A deep, abiding relationship that sustains you through life’s storms. One that comforts you in your darkest moments and reminds you that you always have a friend in Jesus, who will never leave.

“All these blessings will come upon you and accompany you if you obey the LORD your God: You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country. The fruit of your womb will be blessed, and the crops of your land and the young of your livestock – the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks. Your basket and your kneading trough will be blessed. You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out. The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven. The LORD will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The LORD your God will bless you in the land he is giving you” (Deut 28:2-8).

Our God is a God of Success, To Him be the glory!  Let us continue to celebrate our successes through prayer and our relationship with Him!

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