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About the Author

Long story short, I lost my job as a restaurant manager back in 2009. I turned to the internet and haven't looked back since. I love marketing online and  sharing my faith.  I'm an affiliate marketer and a Christian whose not afraid to tell others about Jesus.

As a matter of fact, I love Jesus and marketing online so much I started JesusMailer.com

Hey, if you're looking for someone that'll help you navigate these dangerous  scammed-filled terrains and overly-hyped promises of earning online, I'm your man. Personally, I'm sick and tired of seeing good people getting taken advantage of online. I won't steer you wrong! 

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Some Unsolicited Positive Feedback

"Terry is an honest, smart marketer. Highly recommended."

Josh Spaulding Dotcom Solutions

"Terry is a true professional with an awesome business. "

Alice Brideau

"Terry is straight-forward, honest, and a giver. Taking advantage of someone is the farthest thing on his mind."

Richard Hobart